Supersize my Skull

Accessories has never been something I lack as I have a small obsession with picking up new necklaces with every new outfit I get and my jewellery box is filled with earrings, bracelets etc. however I’m not much for wearing rings! Therefore, when I opened a letter saying the taxman owes me a bit money back I wanted to get something that I’ll really appreciate and something I don’t already have!

Last Sunday me and the bf ventured in to London for a bit of shopping on Oxford Street and lunch at Ping Pong.

Our first stop was Selfridges where I had already done a bit of online shopping to pick out exactly what I wanted, because let’s face it.. Selfridges can be slightly overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for!


I had seen an amazing Alexander McQueen skull and butterfly ring online and as I couldn’t get it out of my head after spotting it online I knew it was the one! (I have this rule that if you’ve seen something you like and it’s still in your head 2 days later you need to try it on!)


I’ve recently favoured gold over silver when it comes to my accessories due to my handbags usually having some kind of gold on them so a gold ring would easily compliment my wardrobe.


I love the signature butterfly and skull McQueen design and it works perfectly on this oversized statement ring.. and it’s SO shiny!


The ring is rather heavy but I can easily wear it through a whole day without my hand getting heavy and the fit is perfect!


Have a lovely Sunday and stay tuned for more!