Dip-dye round 2

I dip-dyed my hair purple about 4 weeks ago and was so happy with the result, however the colour faded quickly and within 4 weeks there was no colour left! I wasn’t sure whether I should go back and complain or not as I hate anything like that, I feel so mean! So instead of going straight back I consulted another hair salon under the same branch to see if it was normal, which it wasn’t! I ended up ringing up the hair salon where I had it done and they were happy to redo it complimentary! Happy days!

And here’s the result!



I’m loving how strong the colour is this time around and how nicely it’s blends with my platina blonde hair!


Today’s outfit even goes perfect with my midnight sky coloured nails! See tutorial here!

Hope you like, let me know what you think!